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Everybody loves a list

We have the following trends to look forwrd to:

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Natives vs. Native Cultivars

Which are most valued by pollinators?

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Sun Loving Groundcovers

With such a wide variety of groundcovers that are suitable for sunny sites, it can be a challenge to pick the right one. We’ve highlighted a
few to help make your job easier.

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Midwest Groundcovers 2017 Events

Join us for exciting events throughout the year!

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Research Roundup: Neonics and Their Potential Effects on Pollinators

As most nursery and landscape professionals are well aware, the ongoing debate about neonicotinoid insecticides and their potential impacts on bees and other pollinators continues. 

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Chicago Area Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame

2016 Chicago Area Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame Inductees

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Responsive Product Selection

Increasing Profits 2016: Hydrangeas

The high-performing and low-maintenance Bloomstruck hydrangeas are a hit with Midwest Groundcovers’ diverse client base.

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Selling with Display Gardens

How do you sell a plant? 

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