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Agastache Danish Delight
Agastache 'Danish Delight'
Anise Hyssop
Item Number: 24589.1GH
3 Flat 0
24309A Canna Velvet Red Africa
Canna 'Velvet Red Africa'
Item Number: 24309.1GH
3 Flat 0
Canna Tenerife
Canna indica 'Tenerife'
Tenerife Canna Lily
Item Number: 24510.1GH
3 Flat 75
24375A Coloasia Distant Memory
Colocasia 'Distant Memory'
Distant Memory Elephant's Ear
Item Number: 24375.2GH
#2 56
Colocasia Thailand Giant
Colocasia gigantea 'Thailand Giant'
Thailand Giant Elephant's Ear
Item Number: 24376.2GH
#2 49
Dahila Blue Bell
Dahlia hybid 'Blue Bell'
Blue Bell Dahlia
Item Number: 24657.2GH
#2 0
Dahlia hybrid 8216Firepot8217
Dahlia hybrid 'Firepot'
Firepot Decorative Dahlia
Item Number: 24302.2GH
#2 0
Dahlia hybrid 8216Garden Wonder8217
Dahlia hybrid 'Garden Wonder'
Garden Wonder Dahlia
Item Number: 24579.2GH
#2 36
23860A Hydrangea Summer Crush
Hydrangea macrophylla 'Bailmacfive'
Endless Summer® Summer Crush® Hydrangea
Item Number: 23860.3GH
#3 37
23204A Hydrangea BloomStruck
Hydrangea macrophylla 'PIIHM-II'
Endless Summer® Bloomstruck® Hydrangea
Item Number: 23204.3GH
#3 0
21192B Hydrangea Endless Summer B DC 1
Hydrangea macrophylla 'Bailmer'
Endless Summer® The Original Hydrangea
Item Number: 21192.3GH
#3 5
Lavandula Anouk
Lavandula stoechas
Anouk Spanish Lavender
Item Number: 23328.T12
#2 52
Phenomenal Lavender
Lavandula x intermedia 'Niko'
Phenomenal® Lavender
Item Number: 23854.2GH
#2 0
24454 Mangave Black Magic
Manfreda x Agave 'Black Magic'
Black Magic Mangave
Item Number: 24454.2GH
#2 26
Mangave Lavender Lady
Manfreda x Agave 'Lavender Lady'
Lavender Lady Mangave
Item Number: 24267.2GH
#2 12
Mangave Mayan Queen
Manfreda x Agave 'Mayan Queen'
Mayan Queen Mangave
Item Number: 24497.2GH
#2 20
24477 Mangave Racing Stripes
Manfreda x Agave 'Racing Stripes'
'Racing Stripes' Mangave
Item Number: 24477.2GH
#2 0
Mangave Red Wing
Manfreda x Agave 'Red Wing'
Red Wing Mangave
Item Number: 24269.2GH
#2 0
24456A Mangave Silver Fox
Manfreda x Agave 'Silver Fox'
Silver Fox Mangave
Item Number: 24456.2GH
#2 0
Mangave Moonglow
Mangave 'Moonglow'
'Moonglow' Mangave
Item Number: 24268.2GH
#2 16
Mangave Snow Leopard 2
Mangave 'Snow Leopard'
'Snow Leopard' Mangave
Item Number: 24396.2GH
#2 0
24538A Kniphofia Backdraft
Pyromania® 'Backdraft' Kniphofia hybrid
Pyromania® 'Backdraft' Red Hot Poker
Item Number: 24538.1GH
3 Flat 0
24537A Kniphofia Flashpoint
Pyromania® 'Flashpoint' Kniphofia hybrid
Pyromania® Flashpoint Red Hot Poker
Item Number: 24537.1GH
3 Flat 0
24364A Senecio Angel Wings
Senecio candicans 'Senaw'
Angel Wings Senecio
Item Number: 24364.2GH
#2 48
Calla Lily Prince
Zantedeschia hybrid 'Dubai Night'
Be My® Prince Calla Lily
Item Number: 24551.1GH
3 Flat 0
Calla Lily First Love
Zantedeschia hybrid 'Fantasia'
Be My® First Love Calla Lily
Item Number: 24552.1GH
3 Flat 0
Calla Be My Main Squeeze
Zantedeschia hybrid 'Sunset Passion'
Be My® Main Squeeze™ Calla
Item Number: 24553.1GH
3 Flat 0
MGC plant placeholder
Magnolia virginiana
Magnolia virginiana
Item Number: 24084.15G
#15 2
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