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2022 Winter Webinars

Carex – The How, What, Where & Why
February 18, 2022

Carex: it’s estimated that the total number of species varies from about 1,100 to almost 2,000. Here at Midwest Groundcovers, we grow over 40 different Carex species in our product line. We primarily focus on the Carex species that are native to Illinois, however it can be challenging for even the best ecologists to identify these plants in the wild, and where they will thrive in the landscape. Such feedback from visitors and customers alike is why we created the Carex Classroom. This webinar will showcase some of the standout Carex varieties we carry and the conditions they thrive in.

Taming the Wild – Native Plants for the Residential Landscape
March 18, 2022

Understanding of the importance of native plants in the local landscape continues to grow. As homeowners become more educated on the benefits of native plants, they are looking to green industry professionals to help them integrate native plants into their landscape. This webinar will highlight the natives that are considered most appropriate for residential landscapes based on attributes such as size, spread, and benefit to the local ecosystem.

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