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Natural Garden Natives® announces partnership with Homegrown National Park™

Natural Garden Natives® has partnered with HOMEGROWN NATIONAL PARK® to support their mission to encourage the regeneration of biodiversity and ecosystem function one person at a time. Homegrown National Park® is an organization founded by Doug Tallamy and Michelle Alfandari. Their vision is that every person in this country – and soon the world – will get the “bug” to “get on the MAP” and be part of the largest cooperative conservation project ever conceived or attempted.


The Homegrown National Park® Map enables anyone who plants natives and/or removes invasive species to report their accomplishments by State, County, and Zip Code. A gauge shows progress towards the goal of 20 million acres of native plantings in the US. It is a national challenge to homeowners, property owners, land managers, farmers and anyone with soil to plant in – to extend our national parks into our yards, communities, and surrounding lands by planting native and removing invasive species.

Natural Garden Natives® is a branded plant line, owned by Midwest Groundcovers, which consists of more than 200 carefully selected native forbs, grasses, and shrubs. Natural Garden Natives® are grown in St. Charles at the Midwest Natural Garden, a neonicotinoid-free production nursery that produces over 1 million units annually. The broad selection of over 200 species of forbs and grasses are grown from seed that has its origin from plants grown in remnant natural areas within 90 miles of the nursery. These plants genetically evolved over time, making them well adapted to our local growing conditions and beneficial to local ecosystem.

Participants can get on the Homegrown National Park® map by visiting

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