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People, Plants, and Politics

A Memoir by Peter Orum

In this fascinating memoir, Peter Orum discusses the myriad of people who’ve influenced him and those whose lives he’s touched; the plants that have formed the very foundation of his career in horticulture; and the politics that have inspired him to work for the legislative reforms he so strongly believes in.

It is the chronicle of a young Dane who grew up on a small family nursery, apprenticed at other nurseries, studied horticulture at a premier vocational school, served in the Danish Army, came to the U.S. to gain additional nursery experience—and stayed to establish one of the leading horticultural businesses in the U.S.



People, Plants, and Politics: A Memoir by Peter Orum

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His roots on both continents grow deep and wide: He holds dual citizenship in the U.S. and Denmark, and maintains homes and thriving businesses in each country. His tireless work for national and international professional associations, as well as heritage and language societies, have served untold beneficiaries, and have enriched the story of his life.

Born in semi-rural Denmark during German occupation, Peter Orum early on experienced hard work and adventure, a solid education, and the nurturing of a small and close-knit family. Following apprenticeships and service in the Danish Army, he made his way across the Atlantic to work at a Midwestern nursery where, with the help of mentors, he began to plan for what would become one of the largest and most influential nursery operations in the region.

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Along the way, his “outside” interests—ranging from leadership and support of local, national, and international associations and foundations, to his collection of vintage World War II vehicles, among many, many other interests—helped to shape the story of his life.

“It has been an interesting journey through life, and now for a second time through this book. The journey has brought me unbelievable joy and heartbreaking sadness, and everything in between.

“I came from a very little in the country Denmark that I loved, to a country, the USA, that gave me tremendous opportunity, and that I came to love for its freedom to speak and to do things. Neither is perfect, and neither are we.”

This Danish-American has a lot to say, and you’ll want to take in every word.

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