Sales Display Garden Specialist - Midwest Groundcovers - St. Charles, IL

Full Time Seasonal

Responsible for the maintenance, construction and development of the Sales Display Gardens at the St Charles facility. Ensure that the St. Charles gardens are effective sales and education tools for staff and customers. Promote the gardens to the industry to generate sales.

Essential Responsibilities:
Plan, supervise and carryout the garden and landscape maintenance of the Sales Display Gardens for the St. Charles office and related areas.
Plan, supervise and carryout the construction of new landscape projects, or redevelopment of existing beds.
Make our Display Gardens an Active and Successful Sales Education Tool.
Preferred Experience:
5 or more years of experience in landscape maintenance in the Green Industry
Knowledge & Skills Required:
Strong organizational skills
Strong training skills
Ability to collaborate with many contributors and bring consensus
Good communication skills especially in doing public presentations
Computer skills: e-mail, Excel ,Word, Powerpoint, photography skills appreciated
Ability to learn Ross systems
Communication / public speaking skills
Hold a valid drivers license for transporting crews off site – a CDL is a plus
Fluent in Spanish is helpful
Ability to create and read landscape design sketches / drawings
Irrigation, fertilization, pruning, weed control, mulching, planting,
These practical skills are a benefit: operation of tractors, skid steer, rototiller, mower, weedwhip, chainsaw, handtool
Desired Skills:
Ability to multi-task, work in a fast paced environment and meet deadlines
Ability to adjust to schedule flexibility, changing priorities, weather constraints, etc.
Work 40+ hours per week, including some Saturdays
Strong commitment to customer service and teamwork
2 year degree in horticulture or related field is a plus

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