Hydrangea Let's Dance® Diva!

Hydrangea Let's Dance® Diva!

Frequently Asked Questions About Neonics

Q. Do you use neonicotinoids at the Natural Garden Natives nursery?
       A. No, we do not use any neonicotinoids at the Natural Garden Natives nursery.

Q. Do you use neonicotinoids at any other nursery?
       A. Yes.

Q. Why do you choose to use neonicotinoids?
     A. When it's the safest and least harmful alternative.  And we always use within

Q. How do you avoid affecting the bees and other beneficial
      A. We minimize the concentration and target the application time when plants are
          not flowering.  This reduces the likelihood of bees and other pollinators ingesting.

Q. Why can't you eliminate the use of all neonicotinoids?
      A. Depending on the pest, at times, neonics are the most effective application.  
          And when applied responsibly in a very targeted manner, they can often be a choice
          which is safer for humans and the overall environment.

Q. Will you ever be a neonic free nursery?
      A. We strive to continually improve our production practices and to reduce or eliminate
          chemicals while continually meeting our customers' needs and expectations for quality
          plants at a reasonable price.