Hocus Pocus Groundcovers®

They Cover Like Magic!

Hocus Pocus Groundcovers® are the solution for challenging landscape locations and conditions. This branded plant line has over 70 unique selections of groundcovers to meet your customer's needs - sun, shade, walking paths, dry areas and fairy gardens - there is a groundcover solution for every situation! 

 What makes Hocus Pocus Groundcovers® so magical?

    • Large selection of plants offers diversity to match the right plant to the right place
    • Convenient pint-size pots – great for kids to handle and plant, perfect for fairy gardens
    • Color stick label in each pot

POP Materials Available:

    • POP material available – 16.5" x 23.5" double-sided weather-proof poster with grommets
    • 25' bench wrap
  • Website designed for the home gardener!
    • Where to Buy locator to direct customers to your Garden Center
    • Valuable plant information and images