Natural Garden Natives®

Local is better...Naturally!

The Natural Garden Natives® Spring Retail Program consists of carefully selected species of wildflowers and grasses that are good partners in traditional gardens that are easy to grow! Natural Garden Natives® cover a range of soil, light and moisture conditions and require little or no fertilizer or pesticides.  They provide bloom throughout the growing season and offer much needed food and habitat for native wildlife. For the list of plants in the Natural Garden Natives® pint program click here.

POP Materials Available:

  • POP material available – 16.5" x 23.5" double-sided weather-proof poster with grommets
  • 25' Bench Wrap

Natural Garden Natives® Website Features:

    • Where to Buy locator to direct customers to your Garden Center
    • Cultural information on plants
    • Natural Garden Natives® Plant Library

We are pleased to provide knowledgeable speakers on native plants and native plant gardening, help train your staff and assist in helping plan which species to carry. Contact your sales representative to get started and take advantage of these promotional resources to help set your store apart. Become a Natural Garden Natives® Plant Destination today!