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Invasive Species

Midwest Groundcovers’ Invasive Species Statement

Our philosophy is to help place the right plant in the right place using quality plant material appropriate to the Midwest Region.

Partnering with Respected Authorities
We partner with leading responsible research organizations in the Chicagoland Region such as Chicago Botanic Garden, The Morton Arboretum and Chicago Wilderness, in order to assess invasive species and determine the appropriate course of action.  It is our aim to engage in dialogue with our industry and conservation partners in an effort to make positive, proactive, responsible and practical decisions about actions in relation to the threat of invasive species. For a list of our respected local authorities, see below or visit our Resource Links page.

What is an Invasive Species? (As per the USDA National Invasive Species Information Center)

For more information on what makes a plant invasive, click here.

Our Invasive Species Management Commitment
We actively work and consult with our customers to help them achieve long-term planting success. We consider a broad variety of factors such as garden location, light, soil moisture, as well as the plant’s potential to expand into surrounding landscape areas. In addition, we help educate the public through our conservation partners and our website.

We are concerned about the health of our natural areas and the adverse environmental and financial consequences caused by invasive species.  While we have strong concerns about the negative impacts invasive species can cause our environment, we are also concerned about labeling plants as potentially invasive that may still have appropriate garden applications.  When understood and used appropriately, potentially invasive plants can be functional in highly urbanized settings.  An example is utilizing Vinca minor in a highly urbanized area where it is restricted by concrete planters and is functional due to low light situations.  On the contrary, utilizing Vinca minor near a natural area could pose a threat to that ecosystem.

Midwest Groundcovers propagates, grows, and sells plants to meet the needs of the wholesale green industry.  Our customers include many who are in the position to specify and use a plant that has been identified as being potentially invasive in the natural areas of the Midwest Region.  We continue to work with these individuals and businesses to educate them about this important issue.

In 2014, Midwest Groundcovers was the recipient of the 2014 Illinois Invasive Species Awareness Month (ISAM) Business of the Year award for our leadership in developing the relationship between the green industry and conservation, and maintaining our invasive species management commitment. For a full press release, visit our News.

Choosing the Right Plant for the Right Place
Selecting the right plant for the right place requires site analysis, especially in the areas of light and wind exposure, soil moisture, and soil type.

We continually invest in tools, resources, and solutions to help customers consider appropriate plant choices.  Our plant database is updated daily and translates into vital information for our catalog and website tools. We’ve designed our Advanced Plant Search to provide robust search criteria in order to provide multiple options once a site analysis has been completed.

Local Invasive Species Control & Management Authorities
Chicago Botanic Garden
Chicago Wilderness
Illinois Invasive Species Awareness Month (ISAM)
Midwest Invasive Plant Network (MIPN)
Northeast Illinois Invasive Plant Partnership (NIIPP)
The Conservation Foundation
The Morton Arboretum

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