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All About Neonicotinoids

Neonicotinoids are a class of synthetic insecticides that are chemically similar to nicotine, the naturally-occurring toxin that is found in plants of the nightshade family.

Neonicotinoid insecticides are designed to be less harmful to mammals, including humans, than any other insecticide available on the market.  Neonicotinoids include several different chemicals, but the one most widely available to homeowners is Imidacloprid.  Others are Acetamiprid, Clothianidin, Dinotefuran, Thiacloprid and Thiamethoxam.

Our decision to use neonics is science and research based, using facts and findings of trusted industry partners and research institutions.  We use neonicotinoids sparingly in a rotation with other insecticides to prevent pest resistance and with a high regard for the potential impact on our environment and pollinators.  Some of our guidelines include:

To learn more about neonicotinoids (also referred to as neonics), visit these trusted resources:
Neonicotinoids: Cutting Through the Clutter by Joe Bischoff
Iowa State University Extension & Outreach
Purdue Extension

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FAQ’s About Neonics

Q. Do you use neonicotinoids at the Natural Garden Natives nursery?
A. No, we do not use any neonicotinoids at the Natural Garden Natives nursery.

Q. Do you use neonicotinoids at any other nursery?
A. Yes.

Q. Why do you choose to use neonicotinoids?
A. When it’s the safest and least harmful alternative.  And we always use within moderation.

Q. How do you avoid affecting the bees and other beneficial pollinators?
A. We minimize the concentration and target the application time when plants are not flowering.  This reduces the likelihood of bees and other pollinators ingesting.

Q. Why can’t you eliminate the use of all neonicotinoids?
A. Depending on the pest, at times, neonics are the most effective application. And when applied responsibly in a very targeted manner, they can often be a choice which is safer for humans and the overall environment.

Q. Will you ever be a neonic free nursery?
A. We strive to continually improve our production practices and to reduce or eliminate chemicals while continually meeting our customers’ needs and expectations for quality plants at a reasonable price.

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