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Ordering Details

Ordering Details & Policies

Boxwood Policy

Due to the serious nature of Boxwood Blight and to protect our crops, we have implemented the best management practices to be as proactive as possible. All Boxwood sales are final; once a Boxwood leaves the nursery, we are unable to accept returns. Likewise, no Boxwood returns will be accepted once they have been loaded on the customer’s truck, or unloaded from our delivery truck at the customer’s place of business or jobsite. In addition, we will not diagnose Boxwood Blight for customers or the public and will not allow any sample cuttings on the property. We cannot safely dispose of any Boxwood brought to our property, regardless of the presumed health of the plant. We also request that you refrain from bringing Boxwood from other suppliers into our nursery while picking up material from us. Thank you for your understanding to help keep our plants safe and healthy.

Catalog Errors

Midwest Groundcovers LLC strives in good faith to give accurate information on company policies, pricing and product information. Midwest Groundcovers LLC does not guarantee the catalog is free from typographical errors.

Claim Adjustments

All claims of shortages, incorrect or damaged plants must be submitted immediately. Notification must be made and plants must be returned within five (5) business days of receipt of the plant material. After five (5) business days we assume no responsibility. Returns due to customer errors will be charged a 25% restocking fee and considered only if the plants are in excellent condition and have not been removed from their original containers.

Credit Application

To establish a line of credit, please submit a Credit Application. Our response time is dependent on the timely follow-up of business references. Customers receive a notification letter once a credit decision has been made.

Credit Card Vault

Midwest Groundcovers offers a secure way to keep your credit card information on file for future shipping and pickup orders. In lieu of bringing payment in for pickup orders, supply Inside Sales or the Wholesale Office with credit card information to have it stored electronically in a secure vault. Doing so permits your driver to use our quick service Check-In Kiosk as opposed to walking into the Wholesale Office, allowing for quick order processing. If you are a pickup customer for Midwest Trading products, ask for the credit card to be saved in our Midwest Trading vault as well.

Custom Contract Grow Orders

We will consider Custom Contract Grow orders (CCG) on a case by case basis for established customers in good standing. Considerations include the quantity, type and finished size of the plant(s) requested, plant availability, production space availability, and production lead time. A signed Custom Contract Grow Agreement and non-refundable deposit of 30% will be required prior to the commencement of planting. Timing is imperative to meet growing deadlines. A holding fee of 10% per week will be assessed on any portion of the order(s) not taken by the contracted delivery date. Please contact your sales representative as soon as the possible need for a CCG arises to discuss the specifics of the project.

Earned Volume Discount (EVD)

Earned Volume Discount (EVD) is a discretionary discount program for Garden Centers, Landscape Contractors, Horticultural Re-wholesalers, and Nurseries. The current year discount is based equally on payment history and previous year purchases. To qualify for the EVD program, terms are 2% 10, net 30, or COD; no extended terms are offered to EVD program customers. To maintain an EVD, we require the account to be paid current throughout the entire year. If the account becomes overdue, the EVD is removed. Removed EVDs are not automatically reinstated when payment is current. Midwest Groundcovers LLC reserves the right to cancel or modify the program anytime.

2023 Purchase Volume 2024 EVD
$13,000 4%
$25,000 6%
$38,000 8%
$50,000 10%
$63,000 12%
$100,000 13%
$138,000 14%
$175,000 15%
$213,000 16%
$250,000 17%
$280,000 18%
$325,000 19%
$375,000 20%
Establishing an Account

To establish a business account, please submit a fully completed Customer Number Application using the options listed below. Establishing an account does not guarantee terms or credit. Credit applications are available as a separate request; see Credit Application below. An online application is available on our website, under Resources g New Customer g On-line Customer Number Application.

Employer Identification Number (EIN): A unique nine-digit number assigned by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to business entities operating in the United States for the purpose of identification.
Two forms of Proof of Business and Social Security Number: A voided business check, copy of business license, copy of state certificate of business registration, membership in a professional association, trade association or chamber of commerce, are acceptable proofs of business. Call our Inside Sales Department for more information.



Our plants are healthy and in good growing condition when sold. Since growing conditions and plant care are out of our control once plants leave the nursery, we offer no further guarantee.

Midwest Trading Products Sold in St. Charles

Midwest Trading products that are sold out of our St. Charles facility are only select items and are subject to change. Trading products are pick-up only in St. Charles. If you are looking for products to be shipped or want access to the full selection of Midwest Trading products, please call 630-365-1990 for more information.

Order and Booking Agreements

1. Due to the highly perishable nature of our product, it is important that all orders are taken on the date for which they are requested. This enables us to provide the best quality product, customer service, and availability.

2. Orders in the process of being assembled are considered final orders. Changes or cancellations, once order assembly has commenced, are subject to a 25% restocking fee.

Patented Plants

Patented plants must be sold with a patent tag on each plant. This tag must stay on the plant through the final sale. Under U.S. law, these plants may not be propagated and grown without permission from the patent owner or his/her agent.


This Trade List cancels all previous prices. Prices listed in our catalog are effective December 1, 2022. Prices are subject to correction or change.

Sales Tax

Payment of sales tax is required on all purchases of products unless the buyer has a valid tax exemption number. Your Certificate of Resale or tax exemption number must be on file with us so that tax is not charged. Companies working on tax-exempt projects must submit supporting papers or a copy of the tax-exempt letter advising us of the project’s tax-free status. If several orders are placed for the same job, please notify Inside Sales when placing each order.

Stock Orders

Orders can be placed for April and/or May up to 15% above your previous year’s purchase value for those months. All plants not taken from STOCK orders in April or May are automatically returned to inventory at the end of the requested calendar month. New orders are subject to inventory levels at the time of placement.

Will Call and Stock Orders exceeding 30 days holding are subject to assessment and/or cancellation.


Terms are net cash. For accounts with established credit in good standing, we offer 2% 10, net 30. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover, but do not offer the 2% discount for any credit card payments. We do not accept 3rd party checks.

Online Ordering

Customer with a valid customer number and email address can place orders online. If you are having login or ordering issues please contact our Sales Team at 847-742-1790 or

We’ve developed an Online Ordering Guide to help walk you through the process.

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