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Recycling & Reuse

Recycling & Reuse

As growers for the Midwest region, we are committed to continue to look for ways to conserve our Earth’s resources and beautify and protect our environment.  We utilize poly sheeting in all five of our nursery locations as protective covering for our nearly 3,000 growing shelters and roofing for our greenhouses.  While some growers replace their poly coverings every year, we have been able to extend the use of our growing shelter coverings for up to 4 years.  During the uncovering process, we use our own custom-fabricated hydraulic poly roller mounted on a skid steer to roll up the poly sheeting into tight bundles.  The bundles are then stored safely under cover until the following fall when they are re-distributed, unrolled and re-installed on our growing shelters.


Year Poly Recycled (# of Semis) Pounds of Poly Recycled Containers Recycled (# of Semis)
2019 3 75,000 N/A
2020 1 25,000 3
2021 2 50,000 4
Total 6 150,000 7
People Can Carrier

Midwest reuses and finds new uses for old equipment, extending the life of our investments. The design of our “Can Carrier” motorized plant movers were adopted from D. Hill Nurseries. They were constructed using the engine and chassis from retired nursery pick-up trucks and adding a wooden plank flatbed to carry our containerized plants. We have our own in-house mechanics that regularly maintain our vehicles, thereby extending their useful life. Many of our vehicles have over 200,000 miles and a number of them have over 400,000 miles of use.

Recycled asphalt aggregate from local road improvement projects has been used for our nursery road surfaces, helping to divert used asphalt from the landfill and give it a 2nd life.

Plant clippings along with plants that are no longer saleable are collected and composted for a period of time. The composted material is later spread over our Production fields or local farm fields as natural fertilizer to recycle nutrients and organic matter back into the Earth.

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